Stan Ray Presents New Takes on Classics for Fall 19

Stan Ray bring new colours and patterns to a number of their most popular workwear and military inspired pieces.

Stan Ray, the venerable Texas-based workwear brand, is back. Their new season selection comes with bold new colours and patterns on many of their staple silhouettes.

Stan Ray was founded in Crockett, Texas in 1972 by Earl Beard. Having become dissatisfied with his old employer, Beard bought a few sewing machines and began his workwear company. He named it after his youngest son, Stan Ray, and soon the company was well known for producing dependable painters pants and other workwear. The company also ventured into producing fatigues for the military and various other pieces of industrial apparel for which practicality and longevity were key qualities.

As with other workwear brands, Stan Ray has long been adopted by certain sub-sections of youth culture. The appeal, along with the same qualities that made the clothing suitable as workwear, has always been the unchanging simple style. The painter pants, and other related Stan Ray cuts, have always had a straight wide leg with a cuff that sits just above the shoe, and large pockets. The brand has long been a favourite of inventive, fashion conscious Japanese youth, craving something rare, vintage and foreign. Now, as Western fashion have aligned with Stan Rays classic look, others have followed Japan’s lead. The brand is now gaining a whole new following who are discovering the quality and dependable style of their products.

Although staying true to their workwear heritage, Stan Ray is not oblivious to this new market and have started to add new colours and patterns to pieces from their expansive archive. This new Fall collection is a good example of this with this new palette featuring on drill shirts, M65 field jackets, sweatshirts and a wide array of trouser styles.

If you are yet to sample the quality, style and comfort Stan Ray has to offer then check out select pieces from this new collection and more by clicking HERE.