Saucony Grid Azura 2000 OG with Bodega

The GRID Azura 2000 OG is a heritage shoe with a particularly strange back story. For one thing, this OG never had an OG release and stayed hidden away in the archives until now. With the help of iconic Boston based sneaker store, Bodega, their story can finally be told [CUE SPOOKY X-FILES TYPE MUSIC]. The official narrative involves cover-ups, secret research and all sorts of clandestine goings ons that seems unbelievable and certainly worthy of a Mulder and Scully investigation. These images, created to promote this release, reflect the conspiratorial, back room secrecy that surrounds the Azura 2000.

What is known for sure is there was a discrete research department at Saucony headquarters that was opened in 1988, with related paperwork dating back to 1986. Employees in other department were not given any details regarding the workings of this department and only had rumours and occasional sitings of unknown individuals on site.

These could be written off as hearsay amongst employees hungry for excitement in their desk job. However, publicly available budgets for Saucony at the time contain some strange irregularities. $550,000 annual salaries for ‘custodial trainees’. Nearly $100,000 spent in one year on treadmill belts alone.

Along with these notably large sums of money going to expenses that were never fully explained to the accountants at the time, there is also confidential accounts by anonymous employees given during a later investigation into the project (see typed memo opposite). The strange, almost apocalyptic tone of this short note suggests that some strange developments were happening in that bunker.

Now one result of this secretive research, the GRID Azura 2000 OG, has been brought to the fore. It’s lightweight, mostly mesh build, GRID cushioning and streamlined design all mean the shoes sits apart from Saucony’s other releases of the time. It may have been the advancements contained within the silhouette that meant production was halted and all details were hidden away. If the shoe was released, it may have shown the performance and design of the rest of Saucony’s product line in a bad light. Why would a runner buy anything else when the GRID Azura 2000 was son notably superior… Or maybe they just thought it wouldn’t be accepted by the buying public. The full truth is still unknown… but undoubtably it is out there…[CUE MORE AMBIENT SPOOKY MUSIC]…