PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn return with a crafted retro collection

PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn have been producing collaborations for a number of seasons, with founder Jannik Davidsen each time adding his gritty sentimental twist.

Davidsen says he has no muse, but instead takes inspiration from his youth, and surroundings growing up in the  less the picturesque part of otherwise romanticised Copenhagen.

In previous collabs with PUMA, he has referenced hi-rise apartment blocks, concrete jungles and the corrugated metal appendages that come with this type of environment.

In contrast to this influence, PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn offer up a number of cosy apparel styles as part of their next drop, with a retro sportswear influence. Crewnecks are adorned with heavyweight Han Kjøbenhavn embroidered branding, in the style of a shirt sponsor, whilst the PUMA sportswear motif sits on the chest.

Sweatpants are also available in this collection, which in true Han Kjøbenhavn style have been updated to stand out from the norm. With double elasticated wasitbands, they are reminiscent of shorts a boxer may wear in the ring, and come complete with direct embroidery on the leg, continuing the retro sportswear branding throughout.

Rounding off the collection is an impressive two-piece pinstripe tracksuit…because who doesn’t need one of those?! Sweatpants carry forward the double elasticated waistband and embroidery, whilst the track top features a stand up collar with packable hood. Direct embroidery on the chest featuring the Han Kjøbenhavn logo and PUMA sportswear motif complete the track top, in keeping with the keenly updated retro sportswear influence.

The PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn collection is available now!