Puma & The Hundreds Join Forces

Sportswear brand, Puma have teamed up with Californian streetwear brand, The Hundreds for a multi-panelled Puma Clyde inspired by The Hundreds Mantra, “people over product.” Since the original release of the silhouette in 1970/71, It has been a go-to for basketball players and b-boys alike and now the Hundreds have taken all that is to love about thee style and retold the story in a modern, sustainable light.

Designed with environmental awareness in mind, This release seeks to increase our consciousness about how we dress and what we purchase. Sustainable materials like recycled rubber and polyester, organic cotton, and chrome-free leather elevate streetwear staples like the Clyde in this elegant collection for a more hopeful future.

Although each panel seems to be completely mismatched, this design is what makes it even more special. Each panel nods to an original Puma Clyde colourway, bringing the design’s four decade-plus history full circle. The left foot features blue and yellow suede on its lateral side, then moves to white leather and burgundy suede on its medial side. Meanwhile, the right foot goes for purple and orange suede hues on its lateral side, wrapped up with yellow leather and green suede on the medial half.

Both shoes are completed with The Hundreds “Wildfire” accents adorning the outside heel and the iconic ‘Clyde’ logo both stamped in special gold foiling. Along with this, each foot has matching black suede toe boxes, tongues and heels.

The Puma x The Hundreds Clyde Puma Black – 372944-01 is available online and in store now. Click HERE to shop this style.