Puma Cell Endura OG is coming back from the archives – 04/10/18

One of Puma’s most rarely seen and sought-after OG technical running shoes, the Puma Cell Endura, is back for the first time in 20 years.

The Puma Cell Endura White / Green / Black – 369357-01 – is released at 00:01am on Thursday 4th October online @ 5 Pointz. 10am in store if stock lasts.

Rare Technology

The Puma Cell Endura, a true classic from the golden era of sneaker technology innovation, is coming back. This is one that is getting the dedicated sneakerheads excited. Any silhouette from the original Puma CELL franchise is notoriously hard to find as it faded out relatively quickly after launch. Launched in 1998, CELL technology was Puma’s answer to Nike’s AIR and Reebok’s Hexalite. Before this Puma had relied entirely on traditional foam and rubber cushioning. When Hatfield made it so you could see the technology within the midsole, the whole game was changed. By ’98, the Air Max franchise was dominating the global market and Puma and other had to fight back.

CELL technology was the next step in the evolution of Puma’s Trinomic cushioning system. It uses honeycomb Polyurethane Elastomer cells to provide cushioning, stability and durability. This, as with the Air Max bubble, is clearly visible through multiple window’s built into the midsole. At it’s release Puma was proud to announce that it retained it’s shape and performance for twice as long as long as any midsole they had previously produced. It also gave a far more responsive step, giving back some of the energy it absorbs in the runner’s stride. This was the result of 6 six year’s of research by Puma and performance wise was a genuine contender to the technology of other brand’s.

However, the Nike Air Max train was just too powerful at the time and sales were relatively poor. This is why it was pulled relatively soon and why original pairs are rarer than gold dust. This is combined with it being a really good-looking shoe that perfectly fits the style of the era and today’ tastes for a bulky shoe with a sporty colourway. The luminous green that fills the cells, matches with the unusual lace holds to make a brilliant OG look. This perfect storm of factor’s means it is much sought after by true ‘heads, who will be all over this October release.