New brand @ 5 Pointz: Le Fix – ‘Happy Nothing’ SS18 Collection arriving soon.

New 90’s rave culture and sportswear inspired collection from Copenhagen’s Le Fix – a new brand for 2018 @ 5 Pointz.

Nordic Creative Expansion

Le Fix, we are happy to announce, is the first our new brands for 2018. As a creative collective, Le Fix was started at the turn of the century by three friends – Benny Kusk, Rasmus Jacobsen and Jesper Holm – in Copenhagen, Denmark. The idea from the start was to create a space and platform to showcase the art, photography and fashion of their friends. The brand has since expanded and they now operate two apparel stores in Copenhagen, which stock a choice selection of lifestyle brands from across the world along with their own in-house range. Along with they also operate two tattoo parlours, an art gallery and a woodwork workshop, so a multitude of creative avenues are covered.

Happy Nothing

‘Happy Nothing’ is the Spring Summer collection from Le Fix’s in-house label. As their press release states, and you can clearly see, the collection celebrates the recent resurgence of 90’s rave culture and fashion. They looked for what made the danish youth happy at the moment and this is what they found. The classic sportswear references are reminiscent of the sharp look sported by the ‘casuals’ on the British terraces of the 1980’s. But also has the bright colours (and hallucinating smiley face) of the rave scene that brought a lot of the warring football tribes together. It is not a purely reminiscent look though as Le Fix have presented it in an original way showing off their years of experience in design.

Le Fix’s ‘Happy Nothing’ collection will be available very soon from 5 Pointz, in-store and online.