HUF celebrates Pulp Fiction’s 25th Anniversary

Pulp Fiction is 25 years old this year. As part of the celebrations the franchise has teamed up with HUF to produce this capsule collection. As you can see, the collection focuses on the plethora of iconic visuals and quotable lines that have been seared onto the global consciousness since the films 1994 release. Pulp Fiction has become such a powerful cultural icon that small details in a single scenee have become renowned in their own right. The Jack Rabbit Slims diner (“A five dollar shake?!”) and Jules Winnfield’s (played by Samuel L. Jackson) ‘Bad Mother Fucker’ wallet are just two examples.

The aesthetic of the film draws on a seedy Los Angeles underworld that was created in a range of mid 20th century novels and magazines. They were dubbed ‘pulp fiction’ due to the sleazy content of the publications and the cheap paper they were printed on. The film’s poster, featuring a sultry looking Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace, is presented as a worn paperpack cover in homage to this genre. It is part of Pulp Fiction’s director, Quentin Tarentino’s MO to take such obscure aspects of modern culture, add his signature punchy scriptwriting and produce a film that shocks the mainstream, but is also loved an absorbed by it.

HUF, as a clothing brand, can be regarded in a comparable manner. Born from the anti-establishment, counterculture roots of skate boarding, it is now a hugely profitable international name. Having never wavered from it’s own beliefs on design and quality, it has still succeeded. So, Pulp Fiction and HUF seem to make suitable partners for a project like this.

The aforementioned Mia Wallace image is a central component to this collection, featuring on tees, hoodies and a skate deck. ‘Bad Mother Fucker’ (“Which one’s your wallet?” – “The one that says ‘Baad Mother Fucker’ on it”) is also in there as a print on a tee and short sleeve button-up. But, the standout piece for us is the ‘Photo’ Woven shirt, featuring a wide selection of quotes, graphics and screenshots from the film, presented in a style that fits the ironic, sleazy-chique feel of the Pulp Fiction universe.

Choice picks from the HUF x Pulp Fiction capsule are available now in-store and online @ 5 Pointz. CLICK HERE to shop now.