HUF DBC Football Club Collection – coming this week.

The HUF DBC FC, smoking, with pizza and booze in hand, are definitely looking match ready for this Summer’s play.

HUF DBC FC – Playing the High Game

You may have noticed that the world’s media is gearing up for summer of football. As an alternative to the teams of highly skilled pro players HUF are fielding a team of skaters, smokers and, apparently, people who like to burn stuff. Many may see this take as a breath of fresh, well slightly hazy, air. A relief from the shiny, big-money pizazz that is the international game. Football, or ‘soccer’, is down the run of sports in the eyes of most Americans of course.  The hoop, backboard, pitchers mound and touchdown line will probably always have more eyes on them than the back of the net. However, the ‘beautiful game’ is gaining ground in the states, in fourth position after the big three of basketball, baseball and American football. However, the equivalent to the Premiership is known as ‘Major League Soccer’, which doesn’t quite sit right. Perhaps something needs to be done about that name before ‘soccer’ can really kick off.

In the meantime the HUF DBC FC is forging it’s own path. The fitness levels of the starting lineup may not be quite FIFA standard. These shady types may not be on their way to Russia, and that guy may well blow his hand off with that spray-can. This doesn’t really matter though, because they have got their kit well and truly sorted. As you can HUF have taken classic football styles – big contrasting stripes, club crests and sponsors branding – and added their own twist. The result is a set of premium pieces made out of top quality lightweight materials that will stand out on the field, or in the pub, as the Summer’s tournament begins.