Undefeated started life as a sneaker boutique in Los Angeles in 2002 and then founders Eddie Cruz and James Bond started a streetwear label of the same name.

Undefeated as a brand is influenced by the owners' love of pro-sports mixed with California lifestyle and street culture. Aside from their famous five bar logo the brands is perhaps best known for their sneaker collaborations with big name brands such as Puma and Nike. Another stalwart Cali brand.

Undefeated was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz in 2002. Originally a place to sell limited and custom kicks, they added an in-store label featuring their instantly recognizable “five strikes” logo. Their roots in the custom sneaker scene has led to a stunning array of projects and collaborations with brands over the years, but it’s their clean OG aesthetic which keeps the brand fresh. Their logo represents how the brand sees off all contenders – five wins in a row to get rid of the competition. And with collabs with Adidas, Nike and Bape, among others, they certainly live up to the name.

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