The Quiet Life

Los Angeles based brand The Quiet Life is the brainchild of designer Andy Mueller and was made a reality with the help of several creative friends.

Their output can be relied upon for quality materials, simple striking designs and bright intricate patterns. Andy Mueller is a busy man. In 1997, he and a few friends from his OhioGirl studio decided to start The Quiet Life along side his work for Girl skateboards.

Raised in the mid-west, he fed himself on BMX, skating and music, influences which have shaped his professional life in myriad ways. Starting out selling beautifully patterned 5 Panels, TQL now enjoys an on-going partnership with Liberty of London, and strives to provide insanely well-made, carefully thought out clothing, from simple, fun graphic tees, to high end, extremely limited edition pieces made with hand-finished fabrics.

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