The Hundreds

The Hundreds is huge! That is the opinion of the brand's founders Bobby and Ben, and thousands of fans worldwide seem to agree with them.

The Hundreds is Huge. A big claim, but it's true. Brothers Ben and Bobby Hundreds' old-school LA vibe has made it to all corners of the world since it's beginnings in South California, and has been become one of the most well-known modern streetwear brands. Founded in 2003, the brand is known for wardrobe staples with bold, graphic visuals, inspired by the history of independent 80s surf and 90s skate companies.

But more than just a brand, they're also an online powerhouse, with a magazine that supports and reflects the California street scene, and the people in it. Their in-depth use of social strategy has grown the Hundreds community, and also given back to it, with events, sponsorships and support being key to their popularity. It's a feeling of being in a global crew. The biggest thing about the Hundreds clothing is the attention to detail in the designs. From big, clean logotypes to vintage style graphic design, they offer something for every taste. Adam, the little bomb character who could have dropped straight off a 90s skate deck, still makes an appearance now and then, but it's their capsule collections with the likes of Back To The Future for the 25th anniversary, or the partnership with Pepsi that saw t-shirts adorned with beautiful models from 40s-60s ads, that elevate the brand that little bit more.

A sense of humour is key here as well, as shown, for example, by the Disney x Hundreds collection, a collection that was legendary in terms of the Hundreds actually making it happen. Hundreds x Garfield, Hundreds x Adidas, Hundreds x 40s and Shorties - it seems that there aren't many brands who the Hundreds can't work with! Well-made, sturdy outerwear and shirts sit alongside staple tees, sweaters and of course, Hundreds hoodies. The Hundreds Slant design is probably one of the best known streetwear designs in the world, and you almost certainly know at least one person who rocks one on the regular. Hundreds accessories are a mix of the practical and the tongue in cheek, with pocket knives and camping stools sitting alongside domino sets, basketball hoops and mini skateboards - all reflecting the wide, varied Hundreds family.

Now with two flagship stores in the US, and 400 stockists globally, The Hundreds' LA style has continued to grow, with footwear and sunglasses lines under their belts, and a reputation as the defining social brand. There are many who've tried to emulate what the Hundreds have done, and there are few who have succeeded to their level.

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