Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is the creation of Mike Giant and Joshy D, and was born out of the lively graffiti and tattoo scenes of San Francisco.

Giant was already a local legend due to his brilliant graffiti pieces dotted across the city, so the step into Streetwear was a natural progression. His intricate, beautiful and darkly humorous illustrations, along with Joshy’s business savvy, meant that REBEL8 now has a loyal global fan-base.

Brand History Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is a San Francisco streetwear company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures. The two founders of the brand Joshy D and Mike Giant met in the Late nineties, while they were both involved in San Fransisco's lively graffiti scene. Mike was already a legend in the city and beyond for his graffiti pieces and Josh was running a popular graffiti website called HiFiArt. A few years later, having gained some experience of clothing production from a past venture, Josh approached Mike with an idea to produce a limited run of t shirts featuring his artwork. After a couple of brews and plenty of joints, Mike agreed and REBEL8 was born. With $500 Josh produced the first line and began selling the tees around the city straight out of his mesenger bag. The company still runs on the same basic setup, with Josh running the business and Mr Giant producing the artwork. This has given a level of freedom that has meant REBEL8 is now heading in several creative directions at once.

REBEL8 is now an international brand, with loyal fans in countries all over the world. Despite this rapid rise to notoriety they are still focussed on representing the close knit scene that gave them their start. Rebel8 Originals Every graphic by Mike Giant is hand-illustrated. Unlike most clothing graphics, which are created by digitizing the original artwork into vector format, Mike’s graphics are exact reproductions of his original art. No part of the original inked line is compromised in this process, lending an edge of authenticity seldom seen in today’s mass-produced market.

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