Primitive Apparel

Primitive Apparel was founded by pro-skater Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), and their quality apparel reflects a laid back Californian lifestyle.

Rodriguez is one of the biggest names in street skateboarding, having got his first sponsorship deal when he was just 14, and subsequently winning 8 medals at the X Games. His first contact with the clothing industry was being involved in City Stars, a company founded by pro-skater Kareem Campbell. After leaving stars City Stars Rodriquez was temporarily linked to some other skate teams, before a successful solo production of 500 gold coloured decks that sold out instantly inspired him to start his own store.

Two brands and a store

After the success of this Streetwear store in the Encino district of Los Angeles,  of the same name, the brand was a natural next step. The impact that Primitve clothing had on the industry has meant that it has now split into two brands; Primitive Apparel and Primitive Skateboarding, with the former concentrating on streetwear and the latter being more specifically skate, producing hardwear and clothing.

 Unique style

Primitive Apparel is represented by clean, considered graphics and an attention to detail that means the quality of their products can always be relied upon. Their script logo and Californian bear core graphic perfectly represents Primitive’s relaxed West Coast mentality. Here at 5 Pointz are very pleased to be stocking this quality brand.

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