Elka has been producing hardwearing water resistant jackets since it’s founding in Karup, Danmark in 1958, specialising in pieces made from PVC to provide warmth and comfort for fisherman, builders and anyone lese who has to face the Scandinavian elements.

As with the big American work-wear brands such as Dickies and Carhartt their products have been adopted into street fashion because of the combination of tough fabrics and classic designs with clean lines.

Scandinavian Attitude One thing that makes Elka jackets so appealing is the simplicity of their design. This is a result of the ‘function with form’ aesthetic that is typical of Scandinavian design, be it a rain jacket or a piece of furniture. Elka’s founder Ejnar Lauridsen, wanted to make clothing that served a definite practical purpose and to achieve this end the focus was always on the durability of the fabrics and the construction, over any passing trend. This gives Elka Jackets a timeless, premium appeal.

Guaranteed Quality Unlike clothing that has been made directly for the fashion market, products such as Elka’s Blavand or Klitmoller jackets have been made to withstand the harshest conditions and be practical for someone who is being physically active while wearing it. The result is a clean, stylish look combined with double stitched, welded seams, metal poppers, and raglan sleeves to give you a truly tough piece of outerwear.

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