Diadora is an Italian sports footwear and apparel company founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli. The company was a dominant force in sports such as tennis and football in the 1970's and 80's. Their classic styles have been enjoying a recent resurgence with a number of high-profile collaborations.

The company initially began by producing mountain climbing boots and gained an excellent reputation throughout the 1950s as a result of their high quality products. From here, Dianeli moved on to cater for the winter sports market, producing ski boots in the 1960s, most notably producing the first 'apres-ski' boot. From here, the innovative Italian brand moved steadily into the athletics shoe market of the 1970s. To begin with they produced running shoes, moving on to tennis shoes and football boots. The brand have become known for many of their classic silhouettes, including the Camaro, a sleek running style and their most famous court model, the B.Elite.

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