Columbia is a well-trusted, family-run American outerwear and accessories company. The company has a huge archive of weather resistant jacket silhouettes. Because of their quality and simple adaptable style, they have become highly desirable outside of the outdoor pursuits market.

Columbia was founded in 1938 by Paul Lamfrom in Portland Oregon, after he had feld Nazi occupied Europe with his wife Marie. Originally a hat distribution company, they soon began producing their own products. In 1948 the Lanfrom’s daughter, Gert, married a man named Neal Boyle who took on the running of the company. By 1960 they were ready to change the company name to Columbia Sportswear.

Neal died in 1970 and the reigns were taken up by Gert Boyle and their son Tim, saving the company from collapse. By sourcing quality, waterproof fabrics and offering a wide variety of styles and fits, the Boyles fuelled a rapid expansion of Columbia Sportswear. This drive has been at the core of Columbia’s success ever since. Tim Boyle is still CEO and it is thought that Gert still has a great deal of involvement in executive decisions.

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