CLSC (pronounced “kla-sik”) is an independent Californian streetwear brand based in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2010, their mission from the outset has been to produce “clean cut timeless” apparel for the dedicated follower of street fashion. Their top quality hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts feature strong, bold graphics influenced heavily by American pro-sports, and often featuring an irreverent, tongue in cheek humour that is now synonymous with CLSC.

Reflecting the LA Lifestyle CLSC’s founder Joshua Vides began the label as a platform to represent his passions: sex, drugs, sports and music. With the innovation of CLSC’s designs and their dedication to producing premium quality apparel, they have become an influential lifestyle brand that is stocked in esteemed fashion retailers across the globe, and we are honoured here at 5 Pointz to be on that list.

Sticking to CLSC roots Vides first developed the idea of CLSC as he was riding around LA working as a van driver for The Hundreds, and the brand quickly gained momentum through it’s online outlet. In 2015, Vides and the rest of the CLSC team opened a flagship store on Los Angeles' legendary Mecca of streetwear; Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood. In an interview with Todd Knaak for The Hundreds' site, Vides speaks of how the whole operation will be run from offices joining the store and they will be regularly ‘hanging out and kicking it’ out front. This laid back, down to earth attitude means that customers who can get down to Fairfax can actually meet the people behind the brand on a natural, human level. This attitude defines the brand and is the antithesis of the big, faceless corporation model that defines so much of the industry.

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