Canal NYC

Canal NYC was founded in 2006, by Esteban Jefferson and Johnny Ngan, two New York skateboarders. Originally founded to create the most luxurious skate wheels on the market, local buzz and support from a number of skate stores lead the brand to start producing more than just wheels.

The inspiration behind the brand was quoted by Esteban as 'the entire city of New York', which is apparent in their collections. Taking their name, and certain influences, from Canal Street in New York, an infamous spot where counterfeit goods can be picked up on the low, the brand took cues from luxury house Chanel. Emulating their luxury style, and applying it first to their skate wheels and then to apparel, was a tongue in cheek way for them to interpret something not previously considered luxury. Pushing forward with more custom apparel pieces, Canal have come to be a well respected, and innovative skateboard brand, with a strong focus on premium apparel.

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