Born x Raised

Los Angeles brand Born x Raised uses gritty visuals with bold type and simple colours that honestly state where the backgrounds of the brands founders.

LA as it used to be…

The brand started life as a few designs by lifeling LA resident Spanto, who wanted to make imagery that expressed his “anger and frustration” at the gentrification of his hometown, as it became a watered down caricature of itself. A sticker design of Spanto’s called ‘Gentrification is Genocide’ started to get him noticed on the scene. Impressed by this truthful and confrontational attitude in an industry full of clichés fellow designer and video-artist 2tone, started working with Spanto, and Born x Raised was born.

No apologies

Their message is always upfront and unapologetic, taking influence from the “riots, gangbanging and graffiti” that they see as their cultural heritage that is being swept under the carpet as their city swells with people who were not born and raised there. The style of the brand’s graphic output has been said to scare some people of, with it’s undisguised reference to LA gang culture and all that involves. However it is this honesty and no ‘bullshit’ attitude that has gained them international notoriety and respect, and gives their designs a freshness that can be rare in a saturated market. 

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