Benny Gold

Benny Gold clothing is the perfect example of how ambitions can become reality with the right amount of perseverance.

Benny Gold is an independent streetwear brand hailing from San Francisco, California, that takes its name from its founder and head designer. Starting as a small personal project of Benny’s, it is now an internationally known streetwear brand, with a flagship store and design studio in San Francisco. Their apparel is renowned for the quality of its construction and their graphics are at once timeless and unique, drawing influence from classic American branding and Benny’s own take on life.

Mr Gold Breaks Away Having worked his way through a succession of graphic design positions in increasingly large companies, Benny found himself in a job working for large corporation. The job gave him security but gave little opportunity for creative satisfaction, and after years of “plodding along the corporate path” he realised he had lost sight of the creative freedom that first made him want to be a designer. Having had enough of bringing other people's ideas to life, he decided to dedicate himself to a creative vision of his own.

It All Started With A Sticker The first step toward creative independence for Benny was to produce a sticker by his personal mantra; Stay Gold. The design featured the paper glider graphic that is now synonymous with the brand. The response to this sticker, that he had stuck up across San Francisco, gave him the encouragement needed to branch out on his own.

Stay Gold and Push On. The paper glider emblem of Benny Gold represents their desire to retain an energetic, youthful approach to their work. Gaining strength from this approach they have now outgrown their original store space, have continuously expanded their selection of clothing and accessories, and have added creative partners to the team to make sure their ideas stay on point.

Stay Focussed On The Aim Benny is always keen to encourage other designers and wannabe brand owners to follow their ambitions and take that initial leap of faith. With the right amount of focus, creative drive and hard work big things can be achieved, with the Benny Gold brand being a prime example of this.

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