Belief NYC

Belief NYC is an independent streetwear brand, that has its roots in small, stylish skate boutique in the Astoria, in the Queens district of New York City.

5 Pointz is proud to stock Belief NYC with its range of casual clothing that directly reflects the lifestyle and cultural influences of the brand’s founders. The produce printed hats, t-shirts, crewnecks, and jackets with a timeless look to them, that is emphasised by the clean simplicity of their graphics.

A New York State of Mind A philosophy that influences Belief NYC as a streetwear brand is that of the ‘New York Hustle’, which can be seen as a grittier reworking of the American Dream, in that it suggests that you can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it, and approach it from the best angle. Belief NYC have adopted the motto of their native state; “Ever Upward” as one of their frequently used tag lines. They feel it sums up their belief that as long as you’ve got the grit, and believe in yourself, then great things can be achieved. This could be seen as a reflection of the monument to human achievement and durability of the spirit that is New York City.

Independent Boutique Their store in Astoria, New York City has become one of the city’s premier skate stores and a go-to destination for those seeking quality, unique apparel. Awareness of the store and their burgeoning streetwear brand was greatly helped by the development of a new skate park not far from the store. By creating a network of friendships with talented, creative people the brand has been able to achieve online momentum. A good example of this was their 2014 look book, shot by New York photographer Humza Deas. The originality and aesthetic appeal of these images meant they were picked up by international fashion sites, which has in turn brought them to the attention of independent retailers on other continents.

Laid Back Style The apparel produced by Belief NYC represents the laid back, philosophical view the founders have of life. The pieces are often dyed in a way to give them a comfortable worn in look, and the graphics are always simple and bold, with influences mixing the municipal graphics that cover the city, and the calm, natural surroundings of their childhood in upstate New York.

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