5 Pointz was started in 2004 by David Perry at 19 years of age, as a way of combining a desire to start his own business, and a keen interest in the clothing and hard-to-find sneakers, that are now grouped under the title 'Streetwear'. Along with a personal preference for the related clothing, David had a keen interest in hip hop and the surrounding culture. New York is famously the starting point of all things Hip Hop, and also the hometown of where Streetwear culture began, so it seemed logical to seek inspiration from the city. 5 Pointz in New York was a famous graffiti spot in the city (sadly now ‘regenerated’ out of existence) where graffiti street culture was prominent at that time. So this married up nicely with the culture Dave wanted to recreate here in Bristol.

5 Pointz have been trading now for over ten years with a large passionate team and although the culture has changed a lot in that time, 5 Pointz' roots will always remain the same, so the business' nod to New York is still relevant. The first 5 Pointz store in Old Market, Bristol was a relatively small place, slightly out of town, selling a select line of brands. David was young with limited experience of the industry, so it was a steep learning curve, with the inevitable bumps and scrapes along the way. There were a few key brands that were not readily available in the UK that he managed to secure with regular visits to New York City, which really helped 5 Pointz grow a local following.

The first online store was developed in 2006, along with a move to a bigger bricks and mortar location in 2007, where it is today. A larger store and an online outlet meant there was more room to display products, so the selection could expand.

Back in 2004 the streetwear industry was just starting to become the massive force that it is today, with a lot of today’s biggest brands just starting out. The internet had not fully come into its own at that point, and with it's growth came great change in how people got to know about new releases and new brands. The growth of such lifestyle sites like Hypebeast and High Snobiety took the scene to a whole new level in the world of streetwear culture.

A defining feature of 5 Pointz is independence, unlike a chain store that you will find in every town. Bristol is known as a creative city, and is therefore receptive to independent projects. People appreciate the uniqueness of the 5 Pointz store, and the fact that all the staff have a connection to, and knowledge of, clothing and sneakers.


5 Pointz Timeline.


1-2 years

The first step was a big one in opening the first store with three members of staff, along with securing contracts with suppliers. Out of these, the most important for the business was securing accounts that have gone on to be influential within the Streetwear scene today such as HUF and The Hundreds. In the early years, 5pointz was importing these goods straight out of the US or regular flights taken by David, picking up the latest collections as there was no distribution hub for these brands operation in the UK.          

2-5 years

The next big step was moving to a bigger store location in 2007, in central Bristol. Alongside this was the launch of our first online store,  soon after which the 5 Pointz team started to grow with the demand. With this new heightened demand, it attracted people to start distribution hubs supplying the US imported brands into the UK, which in turn took the industry to the next level.  With these brands being more readily available, David was able to focus his attention on securing major sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas, who have massive heritage to the Hip Hop and Streetwear culture, which was a pivotal moment for the business within this time frame.  From this point, 5 Pointz started to become established for it's sneaker collection and as time has gone on the number of special release Nike and Adidas products that we have to offer has gradually increased.   

5-10 years

As the industry evolved new brands became relevant, and the brands added to the selection over the last five years have kept in sync with these changes. The range now offered gives customers a selection of the best Streetwear and sneakers available, including Nike QS, Nike Air Jordan and Nike SP, with only 6 other independents having this account access. With this growth, 5 Pointz expanded operations in late 2012 by securing a second location; an office space that could support the ever growing online side of the business, as well as assist with the store logistics.  In early 2015, 5 Pointz started to embark on another landmark for the business renovating the website to match how people expect a shopping experience online to be today. In this latest phase of the business there has been the further growth of the online team, with a continued drive to improve the shopping experience, customer service and selection of products offered.

The Future of 5 Pointz

The nature of the fashion industry means it is constantly changing and 5 Pointz has to be evolving alongside this. Whatever happens 5 pointz aim is to keep their position as a reliable destination for quality apparel and sneakers, with a friendly, knowledgeable team both in-store and online.