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HUF owner Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the streets of New York City. He moved to San Fransisco in 1992 to pursue this passion, and became a professional skateboarder.  This provided a rare and rewarding opportunity to travel the world, which helped mould his unique vision of the sub-cultures he was immersed in. It was this vision that would eventually materialize into HUF.

 HUF first opened it’s door in August 2002 as  small store on an offbeat block of Sutter Street in San Fransisco’s Tenderloin District. It’s aim from the start was to bring together, under one roof, the most respected brands in Streetwear, Footwear and Skating. It quickly became obvious however that this roof was too small as HUF quickly became known as the premier purveyer of hard-to-find apparel and footwear.

 Hufnagel used this popularity and rapid growth of the business to start his own clothing line, bringing together what he felt epitomized the streetwear and skateboarding communities.

  “Once that [the original HUF store] took off we decided we should try making our own stuff. We came out with just a few simple tee and cap designs at first, and soon that developed into a full blown clothing line. Last summer, 2010, we had the opportunity to launch our HUF Footwear line. That had been a goal of mine since the beginning, so I’m really psyched to now be involved in the sneaker game…”

Keith Hufnagel in an interview for, 2011

 HUF has continued to grow as a brand ever since these small beginnings and now produces high-quality apparel, footwear and skating products, operating out of it’s downtown Los Angeles headquarters.

 Shaped by the ever-progressive and evolving culture that surrounds skateboarding, Keith Hugnagel has always tried to incorporate the qualities he desires in a product in HUF’s output.  This has led to a consistent high standard of design and production with each collection, and meant HUF has established itself as a top-end, internationally respected street/skate wear brand.

Hufnagel remains heavily involved in the production and direction of HUF, and continues to tour the world with his skating teams, which fuels his inspiration.


 Recent News

By Tom Holdsworth @ 5 Pointz
Fresh from HUF for the Holiday season we have the biggest selection of Plantlife socks that we have ever stocked, so your toes can be rosy and looking there best. This huge selection includes some brilliant new tie dye version and two special colourways as part of the HUF x Thrasher magazine collaboration which landed with us last week.
Thrasher is a legend in the world of skating that has been producing monthly editions since 1981, featuring the best riders and the latest news. HUF is firmly rooting in skateboarding itself, with its founder Keith Hufnagel being a renowned pro, which makes this collaboration a perfect match. The collab follows the ‘Stoops Euro Tour’ that crashed through Europe earlier this year. The collection focuses mainly on the magazines infamous text logo and a special satanic collab graphic featuring a pentagram and horned beastie combined with a skate truck. Along with the aforementioned socks, we’ve also got tees, a hoody, a snapback and a very special pair of Arena shoes.
The main holiday line from HUF does not disappoint, with brand new adaptations of the box logo arriving on the Woodland Camo tee and the Memphis tees and crews. We also have good sizes left in the HUF x Haze Box logo T Shirt, from the collaboration earlier this year with the New York artist. The bold, simple style of Haze’s lettering matches the aesthetic of HUF perfectly, which is why the two have worked together several times in the past.
A common frame of reference for many streetwear brands is the better side of eighties sportswear.  The 10K range, which has been smashing it at 5 Pointz, features a dynamic logo that harks back to the promotional material of Nike from this period when their main focus was the running demographic. Before Lebron, Tiger Woods or even Jordan were the PR powerhouses representing the swoosh, it was all about the runner, and this 10K logo manages to encapsulate the graphics and style of this period. The highly technical Marathon jacket, which we have in a slick all black or striking tie dye, is a perfect example of how the line between performance sportswear and popular streetwear is often blurred.
Another streetwear staple when it comes to inspiration is the clean cut, collegiate look that is such a huge part of American culture, exemplified by high-end preppy brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. The new Victor Varsity jacket from HUF is a prime example of how this classic style can be adapted to be pure street. It features an entirely corduroy shell with an old English type ‘H’ on the left chest, striped ribbing and white taping around the hand pockets. In the grimy lookbook that showcases this collection, the jacket sits well against the industrial Detroit backdrop, as the graff writer wearing it spray throw-ups on the walls, showing again that streetwear has an uncanny ability to envelope other clothing genres.
The rest of this big Holiday drop features a lot of the much loved ‘Script’ logo on some really well constructed heavyweight hoodies along with crews, tees. The minimal Triple Triangle graphic, which is quickly becoming a new core graphic for the brand, features on several snapbacks and t-shirts and encapsulates the simple, yet effective aesthetic of HUF.
Our HUF selection has never been bigger and there are dozens of standout pieces that will make your Christmas a merry one.   


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