Nike Air Safari VNTG Collection


Just a quick heads up about the eagerly awaited Nike Air Safari VNTG Collection that will be on sale at very shortly. If you're worried your size might be sold out before you can get to computer they are already available to PRE-BUY. This means you have definitely reserved a pair before anyone else, and we will ship them to you on next day delivery as soon as they drop.

This latest release of the Nike Air Safari is a constructed with a lightweight combination of suede, nylon, and leopard patterned leather. Its off-the-center design forever altered the perception of sneakers as simple athletic footwear but as a fashionable everyday item of footwear.

They are coming in four tasty colourways: Gorge Green/Bamboo, Mesa Orange/Black Tea, Work Blue/Gold and Bamboo/Team Red.

Nike Air Safari VNTG Collection

Crooks and Castles Summer 12

Crooks & Castles

The Crooks and their Castles and Castles for the Crooks.  Strength in numbers and making money. That is the appeal of this illustrious LA brand.  Their output reflects an unashamed lust for material gain by any means necessary and the opportunity this gives to show off your riches and your personal preferances to the world.  After all, Streetwear, as with all fashion, is showing off.  Feeling good because of the fresh alterations you've just added to your physical appearance.

Crooks' influences blend the underworld gang culture that can be found in abundunce in the City of Angels with the aesthetic of the brash, high end fashion labels that are commonly associated with any rags to riches story. Gucci and Versace mixed with the world that is closely documented in the photography of Estevan Oriol.

We've just recieved the first drop of our Summer Crooks & Castles selection, along with a quickstrike drop of some banging core graphics crewnecks (on-line in the next few days). Along with plenty of well established winners there are a couple of new designs to keep things fresh. One of these newbies is this 'Rider' tee. Coming very soon in speckled grey....
Crooks & Castles Rider T Shirt Grey

Loving the Medusa enclosed in the star and the chain shield outline. This is the kind of stuff that Crooks get right everytime.

Another new design from this latest drop is this 'Royal Wrangler' tee. As aforementioned, one of Crooks' favourite tricks is to play with the graphics of high-end fashion labels and put their own twist on it. The Royal Wrangler is a perfect example of this with what looks like the horse and carriage from a certain French fashion house's logo being chased by a cowboy. A nod to how the other half live, while robbing them at the same time. Genius.
Crooks & Castles Royal Wrangler T Shirt White

  As I mentioned earlier we've also recieved a quickstrike drop at a dfferent time to the rest of the Crooks & Castles Summer so everything is getting up on our website in fits and starts...but this stuff will up  soon. In the meantime here's a couple of pics. Strong core graphics here. Old favourites brought to you on top quality crews....
Crooks & Castles Crewnecks

The 'Airgun' graphic has been huge for Crooks, which just goes to show it is often the most simple ideas that really pop.  Since it's introduction as a tee print it has been incredibly popular with our regulars and has been re-worked into other designs several times already, as you can see on the Airgun Spade crewneck above. We've also got this design with it's stencil type on a tank top and a tee, so you can be rocking the Airguns in any climate...

Crooks & Castles Airgun Spade Tank Top/Vest and T Shirt Black
If you're looking for a vest/tank top this Summer we have a wide selection from a variety of brands and especially from Crooks. These 'Fine Luxury' numbers are constructed from speckled cotton with a small logo hit on the left chest and some contrasting black trim to finish them off. Nice nice.
Crooks & Castles Fine Luxury Tank Tops / VestsAnd if you fancy a fresh new hat with your tank top there's some fine new snapbacks available from this line. The 'Vintage Sport' in particular has been flying out since we got it in.

Crooks & Castles Snapbacks

All the Crooks & Castles gear we have that is not yet on line will be within the next few days.

The Hundreds Johnson Mid Selvedge Denim

The Hundreds
It's all about big announcements from The Hundreds on the blog at the moment. Having just been talking about the limited edition Methamphibian Hoya, we've got this rather special selvedge denim version of the Johnson Mid coming in too.

Here's what The Hundreds have to say about it:
"The Selvedge Johnson Mid shoe is an exclusive release designed and created by The Hundreds. Constructed with raw selvedge denim accompanied by red stitching for that extra pop, The Selvedge Johnson Mid offers both a clean design and unique look that stands out above the rest.  Other features include a premium full grain leather toe, comfortable canvas interior, a selvedge denim edge heel loop, as well as antique brass eyelets and waxed laces.  With only 600 pairs created and available at 60 retailers worldwide, this exclusive shoe is a quick strike Blue Box release."

As with the Methamphibian Hoya the numbers we're recieving are VERY LIMITED so keep your eyes out for them dropping very soon.

 The Hundreds Johnson Mid Selvedge Denim
The Hundreds Johnson Mid Selvedge Denim
The Hundreds Johnson Mid Selvedge Denim

The Hundreds Metamphibian Hoya Sneaker at 5 Pointz

The Hundreds
As you may have seen on Hypebeast, Freshness or The Daily Street we are ONE of only a handful of stores WORLDWIDE to be receiving the latest quickstrike sneaker from The Hundreds.

Designed in conjunction with respected West coast based artist Metamphibian, who is well-known for his sneaker customization, having worked with likes of Nike and DC Shoes in the past.

The Hundreds description of this special-edition shoe goes as follows:
"Constructed with premium leather accompanied by a distinct Methamphibian halftone graphic for that extra pop, the “Methamphibian” Hoya offers both a clean design and rare look. Other features include an air mesh booty construction with a molded TPU body cage for extra support, a molded EVA midsole, grip flexibility enhancing patterned rubber outsole, and a lateral TPU heel stabilizer."

Only 100 of these have been made and we're getting 12 of them. They will be available on line and in store shortly, but won't be around for long, so stay sharp.
You can check out an interview with Metamphibian, in which he discusses his career and this latest collaboration on The Hundreds Chronicles blog right here.
The Hundreds Metamphibian Hoya Sneaker Black/White at 5 Pointz

The Hundreds Metamphibian Hoya Sneaker Black/White at 5 Pointz
The Hundreds Metamphibian Hoya Sneaker Black/White at 5 Pointz

The Hundreds X The Seventh Letter Collab is on the way

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter

The eagerly awaited collaboration collection from The Hundreds and The Seventh Letter is due to be with us shortly, so here's a little preview of what we will be stocking from the line.

I first became aware of The Seventh Letter crew through the work of Pose who has been contributing work to LRG's Artist Series for the last couple of years. The dude has serious skills ( just check out some of the videos of him painting a piece) and I quickly discovered work from other members of the crew, each with their own styles that are dripping with talent and experience.

Although 5 members of The Seventh Letter have produced work for this collaboration we have concentrated on the designs by EKLIPS and EWOK, which show how they can produce world class graphic design as well as graff.

EKLIPS is the founder and leader of The Seventh Letter, which he started as a collective in 1999 by merging members of the AWR (Art Work Rebels / Angels Will Rise) and MSK (Mad Society Kings) writing crews, both of which he was involved in starting. The idea of starting TSL was to gain commercial reward from the talent and recognition on the street he and his people were recieving. There's a cool article about himself and TSL on the LA WEEKLY website here.

This first one, the 'Dynasty' tee is one of EKLIPS' contribution to the line. As you can see it's an incredibly detailed adaptation of The Hundreds' Solid bomb logo with some badman linear shading on it and really nice use of classic dollar-bill type. I've never seen a design like this on a The Hundreds tee before. That level of intricacy reminds of a Mike Giant piece, or perhaps the more classical  They even say themselves that this one is a "one of a kind."

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Dynasty T Shirt Black
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Dynasty T Shirt Black

  The intricate, classicly styled design from EKLIPS appears again on this 'Loyalty' tee. Loyalty is clearly important to this leader of his close kinit collective and has always been the secret to The Hundreds success. The lifestyle, the business and the friendship are all one and the same in their world. There's no leaving the work at the office, as these dudes live and breath the culture they're involved in. Again, this is a step away from your usual tee from The Hundreds, with a highlight of this print being the incredible line work.

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Loyalty T Shirt White
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Loyalty T Shirt White
EKLIPS moves forward a few decades for this next 'Sign' tee. It's pure old school Vegas. You can picture Raoul Duke and Doctor Gonzo racing past in a red, open top Cadillac. It has got the style of this era down to a tee. Shit pun intended. It makes me want to go on a road trip right now..."as a gross, physical salute to the possibilities of life in this country. But only for those with true grit"....etc.

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Sign T Shirt White
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Sign T Shirt White

 Next up is this 'Eye On You' tee design by EWOK. Talking of classic 50's American cars, I see a lot of the clean, crisp shape and line seen in that era show through in this piece. The metallic colouring and distinct shading also give it the effect of the badge on the front of an old cadillac too. The all seeing eye and crossed arrows help give it a darker, Illuminati-esque quality.

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Eye On You T Shirt Black
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Eye On You T Shirt Black
EWOK get's more politically charged with this next 'Warfare' tee. Put together in the style of an old slasher movie, featuring a sword wielding riot cop holding the severed head of what looks like JFK. I don't know if it's meant to be him, hinting at the loss of an era when you could believe in a political leader, or just a generic American face. Either way the message is clear: 'Who will protect us against the government?', reminding us that we're always only a couple of steps away from bad totalitarian shit...hey ho. Nevermind, eh.
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Eye On You T Shirt Black
The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Warfare T Shirt Black

Moving from slasher to pure old school Horror now on EWOK's 'Skull' tee. This is definitely one of the darkest takes on Adam Bomb I've seen, with his face replaced with a skull and the text rendered in a classic 'horror' type to finish off the effect.

The Hundreds x The Seventh Letter Skull T Shirt Grey

As I said at the beginning this set will be with us very soon and should be online by next week. In the mean time we've got plenty of other winners from The Hundreds available right now.

HUF Summer 12 Coming Soon.

HUF Summer 12

The first drop from HUF's Summer 12 collection is on it's way to us and will be online at the beginning of next week (19/06/12).  From all available pics it's looking like a strong selection of t-shirts, vests (or 'tank top' if you're from over the pond), hats and this quality chambray shirt. Here's a quick look at some of the it. Sorry some of the pics are a bit small.

Here's that shirt. It's lightweight chambray cotton with double tracked stitching and a woven logo label on the side of the chest pocket...

HUF Short Sleeved Chambray Utility Shirt Red
HUF are well known for the crisp simplicity of their graphics and pieces, but everynow and again they steer from this path and produce some loud graphics and illustration to stand out from the norm. This next 'Die Hippy Scum' tee is definitely one of these. There's no confusing that message. Get your hair cut.

HUF Die Hippy Scum T Shirt Multi

Not everything associated with that element of society is deemed as a negative of course. This 'Tie-Die Pocket' tee has a little hidden clue on it, as to the preferred leaf of the California based brand.

HUF Tie-Dye Pocket Tank Top Vest Black
HUF Tie-Dye Pocket Tank Top Vest Black
As I mentioned, HUF's main strength is the quality of their simple, core graphics and the 'Script Logo has been really popular on tees, crews and hats. Now it's available as a large print on a vest with this 'Classic Script' tank top. Big for summer and available in heather grey and white as well.

HUF Classic Script Tank Top Vest Red

There's no getting around the punch that HUF's 'Original Logo' packs, and this season you can get it on some tees in classic colours with a nice little logo hit in the form of a woven label on the front left hem. A classic.

HUF Original Logo T Shirt Blue Heather

Going away from the core graphics again with this 'Pennant' tee, but in a more vintage collegiate direction this time...more suppoting the team than killing hippies.

HUF Pennant T Shirt Black
HUF Pennant T Shirt Black

If you're a fan of your headwear you probobly already know that season after season HUF make absolutely top quality snapbacks, using rich colour palettes and fabrics. Here's the 'Big H' snapback with a corduroy peak and bold embroidered graphic, as a prime example. We're getting it in all 4 colourways.

HUF Big H Snapback Cap Black and Orange
Here's the 'Original Logo' snapback in charcoal, showing off the core graphic in a luminous green. We're also going to have in a white on black colourway.

HUF Original Logo Snapback Cap Charcoal
HUF seem to have well constructed, sharp looking 5 Panels down and this 'Washed Denim Volley' hat doesn't look like it going to break that run. The woven logo label sewn to the base of the front panel is a nice touch. This one is indigo and we'll also be stocking light indigo and black.

HUF Washed Denim Volley 5 Panel Cap Indigo
In a lighter chambray cotton we're getting this 'Classic Script' strapback. The 'Script' logo really suits the vintage 6 panel look.
HUF Classic Script Chambray Strapback Cap Brick
Again, we will be getting all these pieces in various colours and the best of the rest of HUF Summer 12 NEXT WEEK.

Mighty Healthy Summer 12 drop COMING SOON!

Mighty Healthy Summer 12

Mighty Healthy has in a relatively short space of time, become one of our more sort after brands with punters eagerly anticipating the next drop. I think the key to this popularity is the attitude that shows through the designs. It's pure no nonsense New York street; skating, hip hop and total self assurance.

To get an idea of what influences these dudes you just have to look at this 'Essentials' tee. A spinning vinyl, some graffiti and crates of records. Throw in a spliff and a cup of tea and you've got a splendid evening. I think it looks just as good in both colours...

Mighty Healthy Essentials T Shirt Black
Mighty Healthy Essentials T Shirt White
Here's the 'Ramp' standing out on it's own on spleckled fabric. Mighty Healthy have definitely got a banging set of core graphics.

Mighty Healthy Ramp T Shirt Heather Burgandy
Part of this drop is a small collaborative capsule collection with Benny Gold, and the West Coast brand, with a penchant for paper aeroplanes has come up with some winners. This is the 'Stay Hungry' tee with one of the planes cutting through a 'big apple'. A good message too.
Mighty Healthy x Benny Gold Stay Hungry T Shirt Black
This next one is already a staff favourite before it's arrived. A running theme with Mighty Healthy is printing city names backwards and  this 'San Fransisco' collab special with it's gold colouring and graphic on the sleeve make it a corker.

Mighty Healthy x Benny Gold San Fransisco T Shirt Black
You know I mentioned a spliff and a cup of tea earlier, well I think the same sort of thing is on these New Yorkers mind from time to time...maybe not the tea, but they've definitely got green fingers. This is the 'Horticulture' tee...

Mighty Healthy Horticulture T Shirt Black
Mighty Healthy Horticulture T Shirt White

A variation on this one but stayind in the same vein is this Hippie tee. Lots of brands are big on the tie-dye at the moment (HUF's soon to be released Die Hippy Scum tee for example.) It's not free love but it shouts out at you.

Mighty Healthy Hippy T Shirt Black
This is the 'Property' tee. Clean, simple collegiate stylings here. No messing, plus there's always room for a bit more speckled fabric in your life.  The burgandy version is sick and we're getting that in too.
Mighty Healthy Property T Shirt Grey Heather
Last up in this lot is this heavily nautical themed 'Hold It Down' tee. As a graphic subject the anchor and rope thing has been used by a lot of the American streetwear brands and could be said to be a bit tired. However, I think this one pulls it off by being being, loud and crisp. They're not trying to dull it down. I really like the way it is all perfectly balanced on the small 'Ramp' logo at the base.

Mighty Healthy Hold It Down T Shirt Grey
Mighty Healthy Hold It Down T Shirt White
You can get your hands on all these premium Mighty Healthy tees within the next couple of weeks.

ONLY NY Competition: Win a denim Day backpack!

That's right. When you buy any ONLY NY product from our website during the month of June, you are automatically entered into a prize draw to win this premium 'Day' backpack worth £89.99. It's constructed from denim with a suede bottom, suede zip pulls and an embossed leather tab attached to the front. Nice nice.

Good luck!

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