Only NY Summer 2012

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Only NY Spring/Summer 2012 collection here at 5 Pointz. For those of you that don't know Only NY is an independent streetwear brand coming out of the west-side of Manhattan.

Since 1997 they have been part of the underground street culture in the 'Big Apple', seeking inspiration from their roots in skateboarding and graffiti, and iconic 1990's brands such as Polo and North Face to produce designs that are timeless.

Those of you who are more familiar with the brand will not be dissapointed. There is bold type faces and prints across an array of T Shirts, Crewnecks, Hoodys, Hats and for the first time, Luggage. The line is full of familiar core graphics with subtle alterations to the typefaces in a fresh range of colour-ways, along with a few brand new designs.

The key to Only NY's instant appeal is definitely the precision of their typographical work. The way that they alter and play with the four letters in their name, shows an understanding of graphic communication worthy of the biggest names in the field, like the infamous Milton Glazer who designed this logo you might have seen about the place...
5 Pointz loves New York
The signs of this skill definitely lays in the details and the aforementioned subtle alterations makes all the difference. Take this new 'Standard Logo' tee for example (which we have in four satisfying colourways)...
Only NY Standard Logo T Shirt Pomegranate
All it's taken is for the same bold characters of the original logo to be slightly overlapped to give it a whole new lease of life. Small changes like this seem simple but, as any graphic designer will tell you, are extremely difficult to execute well. The result is a strong design with a look that harks back to big business, corporate graphics by the likes of Massimo Vignelli (American Airlines logo), Saul Bass (AT+T logo), and Siegal & Gale (3M logo), but is also bang up to date and on trend. Clever, clever.

This reworked 'Standard Logo' design is also available on two colours of hoody...

Only NY Standard Logo Pullover Hoody Heather Grey
 This next 'Cruiser' design is brand new for this season, but as with all of their logos it looks like it could have been around for the last thirty years (apart from the fact it says est. 1997 on it.) promoting some small Manhatten bicycle store. The adaptation of the four letters into the shape of a bike works so nicely. Badman typography...
Only NY Cruiser Pullover Hoody Black
Flowing scripted letters are a graphic tool used across the board in streetwear by brands that supposedly take their influences from very different sources. The 'Script USA' design that we have on several different coloured tees is Only NY's take on the whole thing, and as letter play is definitely their game they've made a damn fine effort...
Only NY Script USA T Shirt Mint
Another take on the whole script thing is the 'Cuban' design that appears on a couple of crewneck sweaters and some excellent 3/4 length sleeve baseball tees. I don't know why it's called the 'Cuban'. Maybe it's based on the logo of some old cigar company, but I couldn't find it if that's the case.

Only NY Cuban Script Crewneck Sweatshirt Navy Blue
 Only NY Cuban Baseball T Shirt Black / White
 As we've seen, Only NY mostly concentrate on their typographical designs but every collection contains a couple of exceptions. One of these breaks from the norm is this next 'Subway Rats' tee. The featured illustration is by Richard Egielski and was drawn in 1976. Egielski is a prolific illustrator who made his name illustrating childrens book. He is a native New Yorker and therefore familiar with all the ups and downs that come with riding the subway...

Only NY Subway Rats T Shirt White
Only NY Subway Rats T Shirt White
1997 was a big year for Only NY. It's a common theme in streetwear to claim a year all to yourself. The Hundreds have got 1982, Stussy 1980 and LRG has 1947... for some reason. Only's year is put to good use on this 'Country Sportsman' tee which, ironically, has a strong 1980's look to it I think...

Only NY Country Sportsman T Shirt Galaxy Blue
One of the staff favourites from Only NY last season was the 'Lake River' raglan crewneck and this seasons equivalent, the 'Manhatten Sportsman', is just as appealing. The design has the appearance of an old outdoor pursuits association logo and sits nicely on the speckled fabric.

Only NY Manhatten Sportsman Raglan Crewneck Mint
Now onto a new venture by Only NY; Luggage. Let's start with the excellent 'Logo' roll bag. It's a simple, well constructed Shoulder bag with the brands core logo running along the side. Look the business on the way to the gym, or college... or your Gran's house. Weather you're carrying your football kit or bundles of 20 quid notes there's plenty of room.
 Only NY Logo Roll Bag BlackIf you're looking for a well constructed backpack then lookie what we have here... Made from hardwearing Cordura fabric with a suede bottom and interior slit pocket, the 'MTN' is produced in two rich colourways and has a simple look that sums up the brands ethos.

Only NY MTN Backpack Navy Blue / Red
This next 'Day' backpack is the more premium choice and comes with either denim or cotton canvas construction with a suede base again and an embossed leather patch sewn to the front. You can win yourself one of the denim ones in our competition. When you buy any Only NY product within the month of June your name is entered into a draw. The winner will be picked at random from these names at the beginning of July. Good Luck!

Only NY Day Backpack
That's all for now people. You may have noticed I haven't mentioned any of the hats, and that is purely because there's so damn many of them that I fugured they deserved there own blog post. All of them are, of course, available to buy now from our Only NY section, as well as a lot of other tees and tops that I didn't have time to mention here.

Hall Of Fame Spring 12 Drop 2 COMING SOON

Hall Of Fame

The second drop from Hall Of Fame's Spring '12 is COMING SOON and should be with us at the beginning of next week.

Hall Of Fame have a unique take on streetwear. You can see this by the strange way their website is layed out, with the clothes displayed in two teams, home and away, and pro-sport scores streaming constantly across the top of the screen.

They're all about the sports, but also concentrate on themes that are definitely pure street. Sports and streetwear have always been closely related since before RUN DMC rapped about their Adidas, but Hall Of Fame have taken an individual stance by placing themselves right on the fence between the two camps.

One of the aforementioned 'street' themes they concentrate on is taking a well known everyday graphic and adapting it to have a new meaning. A prime example of this method is this new 'Hustle' snapback. Having taken the logo of the famous 'jazz' mag, dropped the 'r' and given it a new message. The leopard print on the peak of this colourway finishes of the look perfectly. Something tells me this one is going to be popular...

This drop is definitely going to be hat heavy. This next 'Crack' snapback cap obviously uses the street theme of drug use and also touches on intoxication of fame that all pro-sport stars must feel. Fame is their crack.

  The 'Ewing' snapback with it's simple 'FAME' logo embroidery and suede body has smashed it for the last two seasons. This time around we have the 'Fame Block' New Era for those who prefer a fitted, featuring the same logo heavily embroidered onto the front. We've got this one coming in three tasty colourways.

This next 'Talked To Death' tee is the only one we're getting with this drop, but what an original design. An old gent exhausted from intense 'debating' being stretchered off the field. What's your max?

Again, this lot will be ONLINE next week and available to buy in our Bristol store in the next couple of days.

King Apparel Spring / Summer drop 2

King Apparel

King Apparel, by maintaining it's position as a successful independent UK based streetwear brand since 2003, has accomplished a truly admirable feat. In an industry that is dominated by well established US brands with considerable financial muscle, King has carved itself a healthy niche in the market by producing consistently strong lines, and maintaining a look that is purely British.

The latest drop from them definitely lives up to their usual standard with strong designs in their SIgnature and Defy lines, along with the new, minimal and instantly classic Insignia collection, and the 'K-Team' designs to coincide with this year's London Olympics.

The Olympic sight has been built right on King's doorstep in East London. Weather it is a welcome addition to the area or not, they are happening and can't be ignored. In response the 'K-Team' design features 'a tongue in cheek reference' to the games with the Olympic rings made up of 'Skyway Tuff II' BMX Wheels.If the K-Team was being represented in the games they'd have a good following I'm sure.

King Apparel K-Team Starter Snapback Cap Black
The collegiate 'K' looks really strong on the front of this snapback.

King Apparel K-Team Crewneck Black
King Apparel K-Team Crewneck Black
Really like the BMX wheels. A good take on the logo that is being drilled into our heads from every billboard and digital screen in the country at the moment. Here's the tee...

King Apparel K-Team T Shirt White
As aforementioned, this season has seen the release of a brand new Insignia line from King. The simple design running through the pieces gives them a look that is more mature than previous King designs. As you can see it has a cut back minimal look with the crown to bring some timeless Britishness to proceeding. The little dash of colour on the 'Reign Supreme' scroll detail finishes it off very nicely...
King Apparel Insignia Starter Snapback Cap Grey
King Apparel Insignia T Shirt Navy Blue
King Apparel Insignia Crewneck Grey
It not surprising that this line has already been flying out of our bricks and mortar store with people loving the smart simplicity of the design. Next up is the latest pieces from the signature line. Not much different from earlier seasons on this one, just the highlighting outline on the oversized hand-written script design. It works beautifully on this fitted New Era cap with the burgandy highlighted by the white on the grey.

King Apparel Signature New Era Cap Grey
King Apparel Signature T Shirt Teal
A standout piece from this drop is definitely this next 'Defy' design on a white tee. I'm no expert on retro sound equipment, but apparently this ghettoblaster is a Sanyo M9998K. Whatever the make, this illustration of it, drowning in Defy colours looks dope.

King Apparel Defy SP12 T Shirt White

There's more brand new King gear on our King Apparel page available to buy now.

The Hundreds X Seventh Letter: Revok Interview.

The Hundreds
To promote the upcoming collab between themselves and the infamous graffiti/design collective The Seventh Letter, The Hundreds have released this short video highlighting one of their biggest names, Revok. It's a nice little insight into Revok's background and the effect graffiti has had on his relationship with his dad. It concludes with a tongue in cheek, music-video-esque sequence featuring Revok appearing in a fancy car, a cheesy guitarist and a lot of dry ice. The sequence finishes with himself drawing a massive cock on the wall. A little reminder to those who paint on walls not to take themselves too seriously.

We will be recieving a choice selection from this collaborative collection in July 2012, so watch this space....


Mighty Healthy 420 Release

Despite April having already been and gone, we're fortunate enough to be one of only a handful of UK stockists to be receiving Mighty Healthy's very limited '4/20' drop. For the those of you who are thinking "What the f**k is 4/20?" here's a little explanation courtesy of the wise folk at Wikipedia:

"4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is primarily a term used in North America and refers to the consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture. Observances based on the number include the time (4:20 pm) as well as the date (April 20)."

This 'significant' date has become somewhat of an unnofficial holiday for stoners, and an international excuse for a good ol' smoke! Not like streetwear brands needed an excuse to promote the use of mankinds favourite herb, however many have taken it upon themselves to do an annual drop in the name of the 'sweet leaf'.

The drop features a familiar core graphic from the NYC brand, but with a a 4/20 inspired update. The bold lettering is filled with a cannabis leaf camo, printed on heavy weight AAA T-shirts and available in both black and white. Also featuring the brands trademark collegiate crest logo in the form of a little green tab on the left sleeve.

As far as cannabis references go, this drop has taken a far more tasteful approach to the subject, in the form of a subtle pattern hidden within a font. This is a stark contrast to the blatent references more apparent in other brands, making this a far more attractive to the non-smokers amongst us. 

This drop will be available in-store early July 2012.

The Hundreds Summer Drop 1: Online next week.

The Hundreds

The Hundreds have just delivered their first drop of the summer and it will be available in our store and online within the next few days. In the meantime I've taken a few pics to give you an idea of some of the winners that are in this first part of the collection. Excuse the shodyness of the pics. It's our photographers day off, so I took them on my iphone with bad light and I'm not very good... big wup...wanna fight about it?

Theirs a lot of the usual tongue in cheeks graphics going on, some really nice photo print tees, and some really well constructed 5 panels with an embroidered, 'cut-off' Adam residing on the front. Nice new pieces to have you feeling fresh for when the sun eventually shines...

Tie-dye is getting really big this year with several brands pushing it and here is The Hundreds' contribution to the cause: The Egotripping Tee.


Here's the aforementioned 5 panels. Like I said they seem to have been made to a level of quality you expect from The Hundreds.

'Drawing Lines' is one The Hundreds favourite tag line and it seems to always feature in nice, classic, understated designs like on these new snapbacks and tee.

Nice flowing typography is also easy on the eyes and this next design featured on a mesh snappy and a tee is new this season definitely ticks that box.

The 'Team' design is now a core graphic of The Hundreds which is featured in every line and it all started with the snapback. Here's the new version with nice all over colours and contrasting white top buttons.

 As mentioned earlier, all this gear and more from The Hundreds Summer 12 Drop 1 will be online to purchase within the next few days.

Nike Blazers: High and low in some killer colourways.


It's seems strange to think that the Nike Blazer was originally introduced as a basketball silhouette back in 1973. Long before Air Jordan, air cushioning and all the futuristic looking numbers that have been dreamt up since, the basketball shoe, like all sneakers, were much simpler affairs.

The marketing tactic of celebrity player endorsement was already widely used by this time though, and for the Nike Blazer it was George 'Iceman' Gervin. Gervin held a lot of NBA scoring records before Mr Jordan came along and changed the game. Here he is in a promotional poster of the time, looking like a badman in his 'ICE' tracksuit, Ice White Blazers, and sitting on a throne of ice. He earned his nickname by keeping his cool on the court and is clearly far more worthy of the name than the Val 'I'm-a-massive-douchebag' Kilmer Iceman of Top Gun fame...

George ICEMAN Gervin
Forty years later the Nike Blazer is back in a big way, but now it's definitely in the 'lifestyle' shoe camp. Worn to boost your outfit rather than your scoring average. Their have been SB versions with added to padding to take the strain skaters put their shoes through, and dozens of new fashion colourways using a wide array of fabrics.

At the moment we've got a wide selection of Nike Blazer High, Mid and Low silhouettes available for you to choose from, showing how far the shoe has come since the Iceman was rocking them on the court. First up is a personal favourite of mine (I'm wearing mine right now.), are these Blazer High ND's in Cool Grey / Anthracite and Purple:
Nike Blazer High ND Cool Grey / Anthracite / Purple
I think Nike have got the retro look spot on with this colourway. It's just rugged enough around the edges, but then still fresh and clean with the white laces and swoosh. The tonal areas of suede against the grainy canvas uppers, sitting on that off-white midsole, make for a truly satisfying blend.

Nike Blazer High ND Cool Grey / Anthracite / Purple
The leather patch with the vintage logo with a black nylon strip running down to the sole, means they look good from all angles...

Nike Blazer High ND Cool Grey / Anthracite / Purple
This big splash of purple on the outsole finishes off this colourway pefectly, bringing out all the tones of grey on the uppers. These 'Hazelnut / White / Blue' versions are just as dope for the same reasons...

Nike Blazer High ND Hazelnut / White / Blue
Nike Blazer High ND Hazelnut / White / Blue

For a smoother, more uniform look we have these Suede VNTG versions with all suede uppers and the usual vintage effect applied to the midsole. The eye-catching feature of these, aside from the standard extra large Swoosh is white tongue, to give them the authentic, classic look. These are the Wolf Grey / Sail versions...
Nike Blazer High Suede VNTG Wolf Grey / Sail
Nike Blazer High Suede VNTG Wolf Grey / Sail
Here's a definite summer colourway of the same 'Suede VNTG' version in 'Golden / Sail'. Shining like the sun to fight those grey skies we seem to have far too many off recently.

Nike Blazer High Suede VNTG Golden Sash / Sail
If you prefer your Blazer to be low then we've got this classic Black/Sail colourway. This has definitely been a favourite with our staff with several members picking up a pair to rock as a faultless everyday shoe. Again these have full suede uppers...
Nike Blazer Low Premium VNTG Black
Nike Blazer Low Premium VNTG Black
As I said, a true classic. We've also got them in a truly bad Varsity Red/Sail colourway. 

Check out our Nike section for te rest of our Blazer selection.

Mishka Spring/Summer 12 lookbook (+ gal)

I don't know what kind of upbringing those Mishka boys had, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say there was some seriously strict, oppressive catholicism in there somewhere. There seems to be a lot of making up for lost time going on anyway. Nekkid gal at every opportunity...disgraceful.

Many may say: "Fairplay. If I ran may own New York based streetwear label and knew lots of openminded models I'd be doing the same goddamn thing." ...well you're all sinners.

Here's Mishka's latest lookbook as an example of the degradation I'm referring to...and just remember; every time you have an impure thought about any of these women you make baby Jesus cry...filthy beggers. Cold showers all round.
Just click HERE to judge for yourself.

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